3 Feb 2016

Torftech Energy leads decentralised biomass and waste gasification

03-Feb-2016 - Last year, Torche Energy - an industrial joint-venture between Torftech Energy and CHE Group of Malaysia – signed a contract with CHEVO Biobrid for delivery of a combined power and biochar production plant in front of senior executives of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, MIDA.

The plant will use Torftech Energy’s gasification technology - the TORBED reactor - to produce 1MW of electricity and valuable biochar from Empty Fruit Bunch, a biomass waste from the palm oil industry.  It will use a second TORBED reactor as a dryer, offering high efficiency and a small footprint, reducing the moisture of the feedstock prior to gasification

The plant will resolve a significant waste challenge, provide decentralised off-grid power for industrial use and biochars for soil improvement and other  value-added uses.

The design has been completed and construction has commenced. Commissioning will start in Q2 2016. This exciting  project cements Torftech Energy’s position  as a leader in the field of gasification, with proven ability to handle a variety of biomass and waste feedstocks, including wood, straw, rice husk and a range of waste-based fuels.

With multiple TORBED gasifiers now in operation, the added benefits of the application are becoming apparent. Their ability to handle fine feedstocks (such as sawdust) alone or combined with larger feed sizes sets this technology apart for small to medium scale application. Close control over operating temperatures within the gasifiers allows hitherto difficult materials (e.g., straws) to be processed with ease.  This flexibility, combined with high value, high surface area carbon char by-products forms part of a unique value proposition based on high quality British innovation and design.