14 Feb 2022

In Industrial Processing, Scale Matters

14-Feb-22 In industrial processing, scale matters. 

Torftech have worked at  every scale, with the largest members of the TORBED fleet being 6m in diameter and visible on Google Earth. Although our clients are often focussed on scaling up their processes, it can also be challenging to scale down.  We have used the recent advances in additive manufacturing to rapidly prototype designs and have developed a micro-TORBED processor (50mm diameter) fabricated in resin using 3D printing at the University of Newcastle (UoN).

At UoN, The micro-TORBED processor is being utilised for sorbent screening in various applications with a particular focus on carbon capture and storage. This system has been used for both academic and commercial studies.

Similar techniques have been used to create larger blade rings in material suitable for higher temperatures and there is great potential to showcase the benefits of the TORBED technology empirically as we look to novel manufacturing methods to advance industry.

18 Dec 2021

Seasons Greetings to you all

 21-Dec-21  Seasons Greetings to you all

Whilst 2021 has been a challenging year across the globe, Torftech has still passed a significant milestone. We were especially pleased to see the number of TORBED system installations top 200, with our spirit of innovation and proven track record bringing a steady stream of new and repeat applications into the fold. 

In addition, we launched the new TORWAVE technology, a combination of the TORBED design with high power microwave energy. This has opened up a whole new way of high temperature microwave processing to industry and provides many process benefits around temperature control and novel products. This technology featured on the front cover of The Chemical Engineer magazine which can be read here https://www.thechemicalengineer.com/features/microwave-processing-beyond-food/

You can visit us at www.torwave.co.uk.

As we move forward to 2022 and the world continues on its journey to net zero, we are excited to be able to contribute.

12 Nov 2021

Practical Steps on the Journey to Net Zero


12-Nov-21 Practical Steps on the Journey to Net Zero

Some of the steps on the journey to net zero are clear: bring an end to fossil fuel power generation,  deforestation and unnecessary waste.  However, completing the journey successfully will also require planning authorities, businesses and households to change the way they do things. Reduction of energy usage is in Torftech’s DNA.  Our TORBED and TORWAVE processors intensify processes, increasing efficiency, optimising resource utilisation and reducing operating costs.  They’re also compact, reducing the resources needed to make them.

We are also working on solutions for industrial applications where carbon emissions are necessary, for example, the cement industry.  Our TORBED processors are also highly effective at efficient carbon capture. This gas scrubbing ability was first demonstrated thirty years ago, and we are turning that expertise towards carbon dioxide and methane capture.. The TORBED processors intensify the gas scrubbing process, ensuring value and efficiency that is key to our journey to net zero. 

Get in touch to discuss how the TORBED and TorWave technology can help you on the journey to net zero.


8 Nov 2021

A Step Ahead: Total Process Control


08-Nov-21 A Step Ahead: Total Process Control

 Another milestone for the Torftech team! After three and a half years of development, design and experimentation by a joint team from Torftech and the University of Nottingham, we are pleased to announce the launch of the TorWave, a revolution in industrial processing.  Combining Torftech’s TORBED reactor and microwave energy, TorWave offers unparalleled thermal control.  Processing of materials from both the inside and outside at high temperature if required, it enables homogeneous processing of materials, total control over the thermal gradient within particles and a reliable scalable platform that can harness the abilities of microwaves in industrial processes at temperature.  It opens a world of possibility for industries from food to speciality chemicals.  It’s green too: electrically powered and high efficiency through concentrating energy on the material being processed, it helps the move towards net-zero. To find out how TorWave can help you visit www.torwave.co.uk


20 Sept 2021

201st TORBED Processors milestone achieved


20-Sep-21 - 201st TORBED installed - Despite the difficult global environment, 2021 has seen a special milestone for Torftech and its Licensees, with the installation of the 201st commercial TORBED processor.  Our journey through the “190s” has seen repeat applications including further sawdust and bulk starch dryers.  It has also seen cheese drying added to our range of food applications and insect frass, clay and speciality chemicals applications added to our broader dryer fleet, underlining the flexibility of our technology and continuing a long tradition of innovation. The 201st TORBED processor has already commenced commissioning, starting the next century of TORBED processors.

23 Apr 2021

Happy 25th Birthday to these 24/7 Scrubbers!

 23-Apr-21 An array of 12 TORBED dry gas scrubbers, each 6m in diameter, has been in 24/7 operation at New Zealand Aluminium Smelters now for 25 years providing world leading performance. 

These dry gas scrubbers remove highly corrosive hydrogen fluoride (HF) from the exhaust gases from the smelter in order to stay within discharge limits. The chart below was fist published in New Zealand's Aluminium Smelter Sustainable Development Report in 2016.

31 Mar 2021

New high temperature 'Hybrid Microwave TORBED' (HMT) technology is demonstrating its huge potential

31-Mar-21 High temperature microwave processes have the potential to provide step changes in energy and resource efficiency and unlock markets worth £140 billion across sectors as diverse as food, catalysis, mineral processing, industrial minerals, and energy. 

These applications have significant promise at laboratory scale with over 2000 journal papers published annually. However, few if any, applications of microwave technology exist at a commercial scale above 200°C.

Attempts to date have failed due to the range and complexity of a number of multidisciplinary challenges which must all be addressed to reliably scale up. Work at the University of Nottingham has shown that solutions to these challenges relate to integration of expertise around materials of construction, microwave/material interactions and changing microwave property absorption, and process engineering.

The new high temperature hybrid microwave TORBED (HMT) which is currently being demonstrated is absolutely unique in the marketplace. A second industrial scale plant is in production for installation later in 2021.

This technology overcomes the challenges presented above and offers unmatched levels of process control and microwave selectivity. 

This platform enables collaborative work with interested end users to demonstrate both the technical and commercial business case for this unique new platform technology for specific sectors and applications. 

Confidential discussions are currently underway with blue chip end users in various sectors. Interested parties are invited to contact us for further discussions.