12 Sep 2013

Torftech Energy Ltd launched

12-Sep-2013 - The race is on for a more efficient, clean and sustainable use of energy. The energy mix is changing towards a greater use of renewable energy sources, including biomass and non-recyclable organic matters from waste.
Wherever possible, closed-loop energy management will prevail, driving smaller scale, community based energy generation. Where energy sources cannot be found locally, efficient feedstock supply chains must be further developed.

Backed by more than 30 years of R&D investment, project delivery experience, patented IP and know-how within the Torftech Group, Torftech Energy has been established to exploit opportunities within the energy sector. This will be done by building on an existing portfolio of licence, collaboration and joint venture agreements.

Torftech Energy offers unique and innovative biomass and waste, multi-fuel energy solutions at system or plant turnkey level, namely:

·  Feedstock upgrading, including drying and torrefaction
·  Conversion of feedstock to heat and syngas through pyrolysis, gasification or combustion
·  Production of heat, electricity and other valuable by-products from syngas

The enabling technologies are underpinned by Torftech Energy having acquired the global rights for exploitation of the TORBED reactors for biomass and waste processing within the energy sector.

Over the past 3 decades, the generic TORBED reactors have been well proven in more than 160 commercial plants in a range of industries - and in more recent years - within the energy sector. The technologies have long range protection through a substantial and actively maintained global portfolio of patents and trademarks and delivery is supported by in-house specialist experience and know-how.

Torftech Energy is ready to play a significant role in shaping the new energy future.