30 Oct 2015

Another good performance!

30-Oct-2015 - The UNFCCC has published its latest annual monitoring report on Angkor Bio Cogen, the rice husk-fired power station in Cambodia that has a TORBED EBR at its heart.  The report and its predecessors remain available on the UNFCCC website under project reference 0363.  These provide easily available external validation of the long term operational effectiveness of the TORBED in an operating power station.  They also confirm the TORBED reactor’s unique ability to combust rice husk without producing crystalline silica ash, which is highly carcinogenic.  In addition to the health benefits, the amorphous silica produced by the TORBED combustor has a wide range of valuable industrial uses.

29 May 2015

Group appoints new Finance Director

29-May-2016 - We are pleased to announce that Andrew Bride has joined the board as group finance director.  Andrew has been working with us as an adviser since January 2014 and brings to the group, in addition to his direct financial skills,  many years of experience in the infrastructure sector and a deep understanding of many of the markets in which we work.   Andrew is a Chartered Accountant.  His academic background is in economics.