8 Oct 2013

Torftech Energy to supply combustion technology for 200 MWe Rice Husk powered generation plants

08-Oct-2013 - Hau Giang Power Plant Joint Stock Company and CHE Group Malaysia entered into a joint venture collaboration on September 24th to supply a total of 200 MWe of energy using biomass power plants located in the south western part of Vietnam. There will be 18 to 20 Biomass power plants constructed in strategic locations of which Hau Giang province will be the first to “host” the construction of a 10 MWe power plant. The power plants that will supply the 200 MWe of power will be located in 6 Provinces and installed over the next 5 to 6 years; the construction of the first plant will commence at the end of 2013.

Torftech Energy is supplying its “state-of-the-art” TORBED based combustion system utilizing rice husk as fuel to generate electricity at all of these new plants. These TORBED combustion systems will be manufactured and supplied through the CHE Group from Malaysia under licence from Torftech Energy. This is the 'first of its kind' power plant to be located in Vietnam - one of its unique features is the ability of the process to produce a non-hazardous high quality ash. The production of such an ash provides considerable advantages over conventional combustion plants as the ash can be used as a cement substitute for enhancing concrete strength. The ash generated, using the proprietary TORBED combustion technology developed by Torftech from United Kingdom, has the trade mark ‘Agrisilica’ that guarantees its quality and enables the export of the ash to major economies in the region. This is one of the key factors that permit the additional investment costs that result when using more advanced European Technology.

Mr Douglas Barnes, HM Consul General and Director of UK Trade and Investment in Vietnam, attending the signing ceremony commented “I am absolutely delighted that a British technology has been instrumental in the award of this contract. The emerging biomass and waste to energy markets in Vietnam show enormous potential and it is encouraging that British, Malaysian and Vietnamese companies have collaborated to develop appropriate technologies to meet the anticipated rapidly growing demands in this market sector. This project is a first class example of how innovative UK companies like Torftech are developing their global business through international partnerships”.